Gym Workout Routines For Women

Working out on gym machines is great if you are still a beginner or are fresh from recovering from an injury or pregnancy. Gym workout routines for women involve a limited range of motion and guide you through working on a specific muscle group only with each type of exercise.

Free weight workouts do well in strengthening the body and they are, in a way, a bit more strenous. Working out with machines gives your body that “shock” element of going back to simple and basic workouts. When you vary your workouts this way, you are in for a more enhanced performance and better results.


5 Gym Workouts For Women That Are Fat Melting

When it’s off season and you do not have to fight tooth and nail for a space at the gym, then you can try working on these gym machines that are targeted to melt those fats in your problem areas away while giving you other benefits.

1. Treadmills

You can never go wrong with warming up with some cardio on a treadmill. Cardio exercises ups your body’s metabolic rate so that it will burn fats faster than it used to. It also strengthens your muscle pump that is the heart, increase your energy and burn away the excess calories.

2. Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are of two kinds: a stationary bike, and a recumbent bike which offers back support for a more relaxing workout. They mostly target the legs and lower body while increasing your aerobic capacity and, of course, burning fat.

3. Steppers

Working on a stepper helps tone your buttocks, hips and thighs. It recreates the effect of climbing the staircase as a fitness exercise. While this machine can be for everybody, it presents the most benefit to women who have to have the extra work on toning their legs and hips.

4. Rowers

These machines help you mimic the action of rowing a boat. Unlike steppers and exercise bikes, rowers enable you to exercise your upper body – from the arms and shoulder, to the back and abdomen, and even the legs. When exercising on a rower, always remember to keep the proper form to avoid straining your lower back. Rowers help you build muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and aerobic capacity.

3. Ellipticals

With an elliptical cross training machine, you can get the benefits of a treadmill, a stepper and an exercise bike in one single workout. Ellipticals combine a cardio and resistance workout without the risk of harming your joints. That is precisely why they are gaining popularity the past years.

Now these machines are just for starters for you to try. As you gain more experience and your body gets used to gym life, you might as well keep in mind to vary your exercises and fitness regimen. Your body is a super smart machine that is very quick to adapt itself. So make sure to adjust your workout program at least once a month. When you pair this with the right diet, you will not be disappointed with your efforts.

It’s fun to start weaving fitness into the core of your lifestyle while knowing exactly what you are doing. Understanding the types of gym workout routines for women, the pros and cons, and always asking “what’s in it for me?” are very good practices. That means you are being proactive about your fitness journey.

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